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Reeth of North Yorkshire, UK


In the living world, Reeth of North Yorkshire, UK is a quaint place with breath-taking scenery, a "little country within itself". In the Void, this saxon-based settlement is quite the opposite -- there are no official spirit colonies or settlements. Souls that wander through this land have not returned. And not because of the reapers in this area -- there's a methodist cult that resides here. This cult believes that the Void is "Hades", which is the methodist version of purgatory. This cult believes they have been chosen to live in purgatory and "purify" lost souls in the Void. They kidnap any wandering souls and perform a terrifying ritual that has them devoured by reapers. This cult and their new belief and practices was founded by John Wesley, one of the founding leaders of the methodist movement in the living world. The closest spirit colony in London is aware of this cult, and keeps a close eye on their activities...

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