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Baytown Spirit Colony

A refuge city and part of the United Spirit Colonies (USC). Established in 1927 on the backside of a lake, Baytown is one of the smaller spirit colonies of the USC. Its founders were souls from the Atlanta Colony who lived in Texas in their previous lives. With assistance from the USC they were able to travel in a group of a few hundred across the south to establish a new colony in Texas, and to further the reach and resources of the USC. Over one-hundred years later and this once tiny community of refuge souls has grown to nearly 10,000. This colony has also survived three major attacks; two from hostile factions, and one from a hoard of reapers. Although smaller and less stable than its bigger colonies like Atlanta and New York, Baytown has proven to be resilient, a trait attributed to the many Texan souls that find refuge in this colony. 

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