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Norfolk Spirit Colony

This spirit colony is the third to be established in the United States in 1865. Its founders use to be part of the Newport Colony in Rhode Island. They traveled south to establish their own colony and break away from the authority of their bigger colony in New York. Norfolk Colony governed themselves differently; they disbanded Kasongo's Doctrine and ruled with less restrictions, especially those on past life discretions, discrimination, and moral law. This attracted those not welcome in the New York and Newport Colonies, and led to Norfolk's population to explode to 25,000 souls. However this would come to an abrupt end when Norfolk Colony would be destroyed in 1966 due to internal conflict and strife. The surviving souls would turn to Newport Colony of the USC to aid them in rebuilding the colony. Norfolk would officially rejoin the USC in 1969. Since then it has become a staple refuge colony for souls on the southeast. Many of the USC's main ships and naval activity takes place at Norfolk Colony, known for its naval station and ports.

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