L A P I S   O V A 

LAPIS OVA (commonly referred to as STONE EGGS) are mysterious eggs found near mountains, waterfalls, and occasionally forests. Stone eggs are large in size (about the size of a football), heavy, with a very tough stone-like texture to its shell. Stone eggs derive from the ferocious, deadly beast LAPIS OVA MONSTER.

Inside a stone egg is a tiny sphere object surrounded by a mysterious RED SECRETE. It’s unknown what the sphere in the center is, and therefore its usually discarded. However, the red secrete surrounding it is used as a VITAL TOOL and resource by surviving souls in the Void. 

The red secrete within stone eggs has the unique ability to FUSE OBJECTS together; whether active or inanimate. For example, one could bind a stick to their body and would be able to move it about as if it’s a limb itself.  This ability is commonly referred to as a FUSION, and happens directly on contact. The process however is EXTREMELY PAINFUL. To properly fuse, surviving souls use the stone-like shell of the egg to handle the extremely dangerous and painful secrete.