T R E Y   J A C K S O N 


Age: 32 (+45)

Birth: 02 –  05 –  1941

Void Arrival: 04 – 22 – 1973

Cause of Death: Gunshot to head

Born: Richmond, VA

Ethnicity: African American


Trey Jackson was a police officer in Richmond, VA. He was one of two men of color in his precinct, and often faced discrimination on the job, as well as negative judgement from friends and family within his community. He lived in a small town home with his pregnant girlfriend Mia. Outside of work, Trey participated in many civil rights activities within his community, despite his occupation as a police officer. Trey also had affiliations with the black panther party (his close cousin a member) which he kept secret. This would lead to his eventual murder by his partner, who staged a robbery on one of their patrols to kill him.



When Trey entered the Void he found refuge with a group of survivors within the inner city of Richmond for three months until being overrun by soul eaters. Being the lone survivor Trey fled Richmond south, where he heard of a large survival colony. On his way he encountered a grouped entitled “W” an large group independent rebellious to the United Survival Colonies, who established and controlled black markets across the east coast. He worked as a skilled hunter, being able to defend himself from soul eaters. After retaining his memories of his past life he abandons the group and travels back to Richmond, VA to see if he can find any of his family members. On the way he encounters a black supremacist group established in South Carolina, in which he lives in refuge in a small town. The group survives by stealing Ophur from colony government transports. Trey begins to adapt the groups ideals, and a year later is part of a massive plan to overtake and rule Atlanta Colony. The plan was for Trey and a few others to infiltrate the Atlanta survival colony and assassinate its leader (Colony Master). After months of being in the Atlanta Colony, Trey changes through the people he meets, and love interest. On the day of the plan, Trey betrays the black supremacist group, shooting them all and leaving them to be devoured by soul eaters. Colony leaders after finding out Trey’s long term intentions decide to keep him in the colony to train their guardsmen on how to use weaponry and kill soul eaters, instead of exiling him. Trey agrees, and continues to be a well respected guardsmen. He and his girlfriend Yolanda get a new idea to save up money earned in the Atlanta colony, buy their own Ophur rock, and move to New York Colony where life in the Void is at its best.