A L I Y A H   S A U N D E R S 

Age: 25 (0)

Birth: 03 –  07 –  95

Void Arrival: 05 – 16 – 20

Cause of Death: Unknown

Born: Atlanta, GA

Ethnicity: African American


Aliyah was an investigative journalist who dedicated her work to shedding light on criminal injustices against minorities – often investigating hate crimes, police brutality, and institutional corruption. Outside of work she looked after her younger sister Imani. They were living on their own for three years after their grandmother passed. Outside taking care of her sister and her aspirations for social justice, she had a love for music; singing and playing guitar. Her favorite music was R&B and soul. Her soft beauty masked her fierce and stubborn personality. She abided by her own principles to a fault and doesn't budge for anyone. She always sought to help out others in need – this was instinctual because of the nature of her career. She’s also very frank and wears her heart on her sleeve; what you see from her is genuine. 



Aliyah is skeptical of the Void when she first arrives, but quickly adapts and accepts reality. She becomes fascinated and curious with the world and its creatures and people. She seeks reunite with lost loved ones, and to unravel the mystery of her death and recollect the memories of her past. After finding refuge in a spirit colony, Aliyah becomes involved in a brewing conflict between surviving factions that stems generations. With her sense of justice, and ethnic ties to one of the factions, Aliyah investigates the conflict and tries to resolve it in order to maintain a safe and peaceful afterlife.